Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday, July 18th-
One group of four and two groups of three started the day today. Once we got going the two groups of three joined into a group of 6... the foursome was taking there sweet old time... or just loosing to may discs. It was Ryans M's Birthday today... he didnt tell any one but we figured it out thanks to Facebook. Ryan also won the day shooting a 54 and earned himself Tag 1. There was a big change made to the course... and I think for the better. Hole 18 is now on the other side of the water shooting up the road twards the club house. Seems like it will be a fun hole once some of the small bushes and trees are removed. Looks to be a par 4 or even 5... a long "S" curve fairway witch requires two drives through a bunch of trees. Most everyone shot a 5 but there were a few 4's and a few 6's.

No one hit an ace today so the ace fund is up to 240$! One funny "ace" story about today is I hit hole 12 off the tee pad for a fun second throw and banged it. This is the second time in two weeks, back to back rounds that I have hit an " ace" on 12 on my second throw. Why can it happen on my first shot? O well... still fun. See you next sunday!

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